Are you tired of Losing your free time and Weekends to do house cleaning instead of enjoying life in San Diego?

At Monas House Cleaning in San Diego we’ve heard it many times before. It just doesn’t seem like we have enough time in the day to get all the things that you want done.


Sound familiar? Well the good news is that you don’t have to worry about a thing, that’s what we are here for- to keep your home absolutely clean and spotless. We have simplified our house cleaning services into 4 offerings… Regular Cleaning, Spring Cleaning Moving Cleaning and After Party Cleaning. We aim at keeping your home clean and enjoyable on an ongoing basis.


Bottom line… our house cleaning services help you spend your time in the things that matter in life.

Regular Cleaning


Bathroom Cleaning

Scrub & Disinfect floors by hand

Scrub & Disinfect all toilets, tubs & showers

Scrub & Disinfect bathroom sinks

Wash counters

Clean mirrors

Remove Trash

Fold Towels

Clean & Polish Fixtures



Kitchen Cleaning

Wash Outside of Refrigerators

Clean outside of stove

Wash outside of dishwasher

Wipe down outside of kitchen appliances

Wash all kitchen counters

Clean stove-top/grill/burners

Wipe down inside/outside microwave

Clean out toaster Oven

Remove trash



All Room Cleaning

Sweep hard surface floors

Mop or dust floors as needed

Vacuum carpeting/stairs

Sweep hard surface floors

Dust Furniture/wall hangings

Remove Trash

Tidy and organize

Remove Cobwebs

Change Liners/Make Beds

Air Freshener

Spring Cleaning


Bathroom Cleaning

Clean baseboards

Clean inside cabinets

Oil woodwork



Kitchen Cleaning

Clean inside refrigerator

Clean inside stove

Clean under stove

Clean under stove-top

Organize pantry, pots & Pans

Oil Cabinets


Wash dishes

General Cleaning

Remove cobwebs

Clean chandeliers/light fixtures/ceiling fans

Clean mirrored walls

Clean screens & tracks

Dust/Wash windows sills and ledges

Vacuum carpet edges

Vacuum upholstered furniture/draperies

Vacuum under, behind furniture

Turn mattress

Pick-up, organize

Clean-Out Fireplace

Clean patio and furniture

Clean down house, walkways

Moving Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning
Clean tile, tub and showers
Clean and disinfect toilets
Wash sinks (polish faucet)
Clean medicine cabinets and mirrors
Clean fans, light fixtures and covers
Sweep and mop floors
Kitchen Cleaning
Clean oven inside and out
Clean hood, exhaust fan and filter
Wash drip pans, broiler pans
Wash stove-top, burners, under-burners
Clean inside/outside of dishwasher
Clean cupboards, shelves, drawers
Wash all kitchen counters
Scrub sink and faucet (polish)
Sweep/Wash hard surface floors
Clean baseboards
All Room Cleaning
Clean ceilings (remove Cobwebs)
Clean outlets, light switches, light globes
Clean closets and shelves
Clean baseboards
Clean Windows interior 
Clean screens and tracks
Dust blinds
Dust/Wash window slits and ledges
Sweep and mop floors
Vacuum carpeting / Stairs

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House Cleaning Service in San Diego.

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